A Vessel Safety Check is a voluntary inspection program performed at your boat by a Certified safety inspector ~ no matter if it's in the water at the dock or on your trailer in your driveway.  The Vessel Safety Check usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your boat.  Vessels passing the Vessel Safety Check are awarded a U.S. Coast Guard decal that informs

                                                                * Coast Guard
                                                                * Marine Patrol
                                                                * Sheriffs & Police

that your boat was in full compliance with all Federal and State boating laws during a Vessel Safety Check for that year.  Some of the things we check during the Vessel Safety Check are:

                                                                    * Display of numbers
                                                                    * Registration
                                                                    * Personal Flotation Devices (life jackets)
                                                                    * Visual distress signals (flares)
                                                                    * Fire Extinguishers
                                                                    * Sound producing devices (horn/whistle/bell)
                                                                    * Navigation lights
                                                                    * Marine sanitation devices & pollution compliance (if applicable)
                                                                    * Overall vessel condition

If your vessel meets all the federal and safety requirements concerning the above items, you will be awarded a Coast Guard Safety Inspection decal to display on your vessel.  If your vessel fails the Vessel Safety Check, no problem.  You're given a written report detailing what to do to get your vessel in compliance with federal and state regulations, possible saving you a ticket and huge fine on the water!

United States Power Squadron Vessel Safety Check.
Contact me to schedule a time for your Vessel Safety Check.  The Vessel Safety Check can be done at your convenience, usually withing a day or so of you contacting me, and is free of charge.  

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