Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic...



SCUBA Divers who come here from other places to dive often ask me on a charter out to one of our wrecks, "Have you been to Mexico?" "Have you been to Bonaire?" "Have you been to Florida?" "Have you been to the Caribbean?"....and my answer is always the same..."Why? The wreck diving capital of the entire world is 15 miles from my house!"



Where the cold waters of the Labrador current meet the clear warm gulf Stream waters, lies a place called the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". For as long as men have sailed the seas, they have found their way to the Barrier Islands of North Carolina. But their arrival has not always been a pleasant one. For many of these vessels, the hazardous shifting shoals, German U-boats, and just plain old sailor error have determined their fate. Weather in the Graveyard is unpredictable and can change in the span of a few minutes. The shifting sand shoals continuously move about, providing a challenge for even the seasoned mariner. The tragic irony is that many of these ships who dared to take their chances close to the shores of North Carolina now sit on the bottom of the Atlantic, a testament to Man VS Nature. North Carolina is considered the #1 wreck diving site in the world by most, and our large variety of underwater flora and fauna bathed in warm blue Gulf Stream waters rivals popular Caribbean diving resorts. Visibility on many of these wrecks is usually in the 70 foot range, but days of 100+ feet of visibility is not uncommon.



From the Northern tip of the Albemarle Sound to the Southern tip of Cape Fear, the North Carolina coastline boasts over 2,000 shipwrecks. Some of these are so close you can dive them by just walking out into the water from the shore, while most require you to own a boat or take a charter out. Our wrecks vary from 14th century pirate ships, to World War I and World War II casualties, to modern ships sank as artificial reefs.


~The Ghost Fleet of the Graveyard~
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